Rokka no Yuusha Novels Speculation and Theories

Recently, I decided to revisit the Rokka no Yuusha anime. After rewatching an episode or two, I ended going back and rewatching the entire series from start to finish. I remembered how invested I got in it, even getting into DM chains with a couple people on twitter bantering back and forth about who we thought was the seventh. Unfortunately there’s still no sign of another season of anime for Rokka, even though there’s clearly plenty more source material. Since my curiosity was piqued again, I decided to buy the localized novels to see the series through to its conclusion. So far, I’ve read through the first three volumes. The first volume was almost word for word adapted to the anime. And yet, I still found myself unable to skip or skim through it, hoping for any slight clue.

Now, even though I have the fourth volume sitting in my hands, I wanted to take some time to collect my thoughts on the happenings so far. If you’d like to join me in my rambling, I need to warn you that if you go any further, you will run into spoilers. Consider yourself warned. If you’ve only watched the anime, and you have any interest in avoiding spoilers in case there’s more anime to come, you may want to stay away. If you’d like to read the novels yourself before reading this post, this site has some great information on where they’re available.

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