Day Twelve: Tsumiki

What? Tsumikitty’s evolving!


Tsumikitty evolved into Tsumiklaus!

For my twelve days posts, rather than moments in anime, I’m going to focus on characters. More than moments, characters stick with me and are generally what I remember when I think back on a series I’ve watched.

Acchi Kocchi itself was a bit hit or miss, but generally landed on the hit side more often than not thanks in large part to Tsumiki being just downright adorable. Sprouting cat ears whenever she was excited and having them twitch was just way too cute. It’s made me wonder why we don’t see more of it in anime.

Well, since I’m running a bit short on time, that’s all for this day. I’ll be counting down the days here until we get to my number one character of the year. Excited? I sure am.


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