OreShura and Liars

Well, the new season has kicked off and there’s one show, or rather one character, who has piqued my interest.

The first episode of OreShura (Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru) started rather blandly. If MC-kun’s childhood friend vanished from the show forever, it’d be for the better for everyone involved – mostly for anyone who had to listen to her. However, the second half made up for the first and then some. It’s no secret that MC-kun and Natsukawa Masuzu were going to be involved somehow. I never thought it’d be because she’s blackmailing him in order to make him her fake boyfriend.

Let’s step back for a moment from OreShura to take a look at a character who I think may be very similar to Natsukawa Masuzu. When Toradora first introduced Kawashima Ami, she was presented as, in Ryuuji’s own words, “a real nice girl … a bit of an airhead.” Then we see the other side of her: pretty much a total bitch.

However, we’re led to believe that these are the only two faces she possesses. The reality of it is, she’s many times more complex than we’re led to believe initially.

Who is the real Kawashima Ami? Attempting to unravel the mystery that is Kawashima Ami left me with more questions than answers. The deeper I dug, the more fascinated I became with her and the more I wanted to know. Yet as I went deeper, that image of Kawashima Ami became more murky and muddled. She has so many facets to her, there was no way to tell which is the ‘real’ Kawashima Ami.

Coming back to OreShura, Natsukawa Masuzu seems to have a few similarities with Kawashima Ami. She’s not exactly pretending to be a ‘nice girl’ but she’s certainly more complex than what she appears to be. After all, she’s going as far as to blackmail MC-kun in order to basically stop getting harassed all the time by boys asking her out. She also seems to have the same ‘hatred of love’ as our MC-kun. While her image as a ‘perfect princess’ is mostly due to the rest of the school spreading rumors, she does seem to have that air about her.

What I’m really looking forward to is what she exposes as her and MC-kun try to put up this facade of dating and being lovers. Whether he likes he or not, he’s stuck with her. And whether either of them like it or not, they’re going to end up growing closer. I’m certainly not expecting OreShura to be as amazing as Toradora. I do expect to enjoy unraveling the many layers of Natsukawa Masuzu. If you know what I mean.

I'm so sorry.


2 responses to “OreShura and Liars

  1. I don’t think this show will anywhere near approach Toradora, but I can see the surface similarity. (This is The Shallow End after all ) Though it seemed from the previews that something like this was going to happen, the only part to be discovered in the first episode was that she had the same hatred of love as Eita. But I guess we’ll see how much depth is added to her character. Right now I’m getting the feeling that there won’t be much added to her character except for some forced-in drama about her backstory near the end.

    Though what I hope for is an almost WHO IS IMOUTO sort of possibility of her being Eita’s half sister by one of his run-off parents :3

  2. Hahaha, now that would be hilarious.

    Yeah, I don’t think she’ll be anywhere near as complex as Ami, nor will the show stray too far from the formula. Still, I saw a bit of similarity on the surface between the two, particularly how they appear to be some perfect girl that guys would kill to date, but it turns out they have a terrible personality. If nothing else, Masuzu seems like she’ll be quite capable of verbal sparring, something I’m a big fan of.