Nagi no Asukara – 20



Damn that was… rather unexpected. Well, I guess I’ll just do a screenshot roll of the 20+ pictures I took mostly of Miuna. Alas, with this being all about Manaka, the focus is more on Hikari and Miuna rather than Chisaki.

Miuna gets a pat on the head from Hikari ❤

And then gets to spend the rest of the episode looking sad.


This was the single best part of the episode and I am totally not biased in the least what are you even suggesting?

Man… Chisaki has grown up into a damn fine woman. I can even forgive her forgoing of her side ponytail when she does something this awesome.

Yeah… me too.

Yeah, you could say this love tetrahedron is getting a bit out of control.

Oh right back to sad Miuna in saltflake snow.

Oops, that’s not going to win you any points, Miuna.

I wondered if those potential latent feelings might kick in, and did start thinking about the possibility when she said the above line about if Manaka never wakes up. I feel like Uroko also hinted at this when he told Miuna that she was lying about what she was looking for in Shioshishio. She shouldn’t have really wanted to find Manaka, deep down, because she knew that’d mean a potential rival for her.

FUCK YES HAIR BRUSHING. Although seriously, you’re supposed to let someone else do it, preferrably Hikari.

Dang I know he was delirious but that’s pretty rough.

Poor Miuna.

Akari is pretty much the best ever.

I applaud Miuna’s very unusual normal style with her hair, but this dual long ponytails is quite nice too.

A rare look into Tsumugu’s heart.

Alas, the one who needs to hear it is not present. Still, I gotta say I feel like I’m rooting for Tsumugu even more now.

Just saying kiss out of nowhere is not going to explain anything Miuna.

Oh right.



In hindsight, it should’ve seemed a bit more obvious that she would wake up and it’d be after everyone else. They did actually somewhat foreshadow that on the train in episode 12 where she’s basically sleeping the whole trip. Still, I was pretty convinced it would take something more… earth-shattering than being next to Hikari when he’s arguing with Miuna. I guess now the biggest question is what the heck is going to happen with her Ena. Is it going to stablize now that she’s awake? Is it related at all to Miuna suddenly gaining Ena? And what about the big calamity that was the reason they were supposed to be hibernating in the first place? It clearly hasn’t happened yet and looks to still be progressing toward its grand finale, with the weather getting colder and all.

AH CHISAKI I want to see more Chisaki :<


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