Log Horizon – 21

Starting the episode off right with Lenessia-hime reaction faces.

And of course gotta have Rudy being a goofball.

Ah it’s been a while since we’ve seen this side of Henrietta.

Minori ❤ ❤

Lazy hime is the best.

Oops, Lenessia forgot that Crusty can read minds :p

Oh gosh she’s so adorable ❤ These two are awesome.

This episode had lots of cute pouting from Akatsuki too :3

That’s practically a confession right there.


These two are so cute ❤

Oops, busted.

Nooo Minori, this was such a good chance.

Oh well, it looks like next episode is going to be all about Akatsuki and Minori fighting over Shiroe, which is sure to be absolutely hilarious :3 Frankly, I’m not even sure who I want to win anymore. Since Minori has found her confidence, she’s really grown on me. But Akatsuki is awesome too and works really well with Shiroe as a complement to his strategist role, whereas Minori is just trying to mimic his ability. In any case, I don’t think Shiroe would look at Minori that way anyway, so it’s probably moot. Poor Minori :<


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