Rokka no Yuusha Novels Speculation and Theories

Recently, I decided to revisit the Rokka no Yuusha anime. After rewatching an episode or two, I ended going back and rewatching the entire series from start to finish. I remembered how invested I got in it, even getting into DM chains with a couple people on twitter bantering back and forth about who we thought was the seventh. Unfortunately there’s still no sign of another season of anime for Rokka, even though there’s clearly plenty more source material. Since my curiosity was piqued again, I decided to buy the localized novels to see the series through to its conclusion. So far, I’ve read through the first three volumes. The first volume was almost word for word adapted to the anime. And yet, I still found myself unable to skip or skim through it, hoping for any slight clue.

Now, even though I have the fourth volume sitting in my hands, I wanted to take some time to collect my thoughts on the happenings so far. If you’d like to join me in my rambling, I need to warn you that if you go any further, you will run into spoilers. Consider yourself warned. If you’ve only watched the anime, and you have any interest in avoiding spoilers in case there’s more anime to come, you may want to stay away. If you’d like to read the novels yourself before reading this post, this site has some great information on where they’re available.

No really, if you keep going here, you’re going to get spoiled. Proceed at your own risk.

Premise and Assumptions

Even though there are technically two seventh Braves, the only one I’m really concerned about is Tgurneu’s seventh. We already know that Nachetanya is Dozzu’s seventh. For a while in the second novel, I had a theory that Tgurneu’s seventh didn’t know they were the seventh, but the end of the novel seems to prove that wrong, with Tgurneu specifically sending out instructions for the seventh. This means they’re working with Tgurneu knowingly. It may not be of their own accord, as we saw with Maura, but I feel like this seventh is actually a willing accomplice.


There are still some unanswered questions. Maybe they will get answered in later volumes of the novel, but so far they continue to trouble me. Some of them are fairly minor and may have simply been overlooked by the author, but some might lead to clues, so I’m going to address them here.

How did Hans convince Chamot to just chill out and dig a hole in the temple to find the two stone tablets? Maura told Chamot not to kill Hans or even hurt him too much, just to keep him at the temple. But they were basically about to face off and fight. How did that situation turn around with Hans befriending Chamot and convincing her to help him? It could be as simple as Hans giving her something fun to do, but it still bothers me that the situation got reversed so easily.

Why did the fog barrier altar not have traces of fiends? Nachetanya is described as being infused with fiend powers, and she touched the sword and broke the tablet. When Adlet proves Fremy’s innocence, he uses this as proof. He sprays a chemical on the altar that reacts to fiend blood, so maybe it’s just that Nachetanya doesn’t specifically have fiend’s blood but just fiend powers somehow. Still, this explanation feels a bit vague.

Why did Tgurneu release Maura’s daughter after the fiend body he swore the oaths with was already dead? When Tgurneu, using the reptilian body, told Maura that she was the seventh, that body should have died and all oaths sworn using that body wouldn’t have mattered anymore. Yet, after she killed Hans, we see that he released Maura’s daughter from the curse. Why would he care at that point about keeping his promise? It’s a fairly minor thing, but it makes me wonder if there’s a bit more to his body controlling powers.

Now, at this point I’d like to just go through the Braves and list them in order of suspicion, from least suspicious to most.


Let’s start with Adlet. The biggest thing is that since Adlet’s basically the protagonist, I can’t see him being the seventh. Almost all of the first novel (and the anime) were from his point of view. We got to see inside his mind and understand what he was thinking as he was thinking it. While it’s possible the author could go for some weird twist ending with Adlet being the seventh, I’d be pretty disappointed in that. This would mean that the author was lying to us about Adlet’s thoughts. Given that the novels so far have been fairly clever while also not being too ridiculous, I don’t think this will happen. It wouldn’t surprise me, but it would disappoint me.


If I had written this post before reading any of the second novel, Maura would be my primary suspect. The way she acted in the fog barrier was incredibly suspicious, and the opening to the second novel just made me think I had it all figured out. But after everything that happened in the second volume, I doubt she’s actually the seventh. Tgurneu tried to make her think she was the seventh and she had her daughter taken hostage, but even with all that, she had a plan to kill a Brave without permanently killing them. Add that to the fact that we know the seventh is actually working knowingly with Tgurneu, and I don’t think Maura fits the bill. Also, as with Adlet, we’ve seen inside her mind now through the second novel. If she was lying to us through the author, that would again be very disappointing.


Weirdly enough, even when he went off on his own and put all of the Braves at risk in the third novel, I still couldn’t see him as being the seventh. As with Adlet and Maura, we’ve now seen inside Goldov’s mind too, so the same things that apply to them apply to him. Even before that though, I still didn’t think he could ever be working with Tgurneu as the seventh. I really don’t have much to go on other than that he just didn’t seem like he could be. That said, even if the Braves do defeat Cargikk and Tgurneu, I fully believe he’ll side with Nachetanya and defend her to the death if necessary. So while he’s not the seventh, he’s still a potential enemy at some point.


I’m still a bit torn on Fremy. I loved her in the anime (my Yuuki Aoi bias is showing), and between all the points that Hans and others made in the anime/first novel it just wouldn’t make much sense for her to be the seventh. In particular, it seems incredibly unlikely that she would work with Tgurneu after he abandoned her due to her failure to kill Chamot. That said, it’s also possible that she has been lying this whole time. Maybe losing to Chamot was what they intended all along and the betrayal/revenge story is just a story made up to make the other Braves feel sorry for her. That said, this would be one helluva long shot. Given that she was known to Chamot as being the Brave Killer, it’s unlikely she’d be able to join them and sow confusion as the seventh. And even if she did join them, as soon as it was clear there was an imposter, they would immediately suspect her as being the seventh, so it would be fairly difficult to gain any sort of trust with any of them.


Given that Chamot was nearly killed by two different sets of fiend schemes colliding, it seems incredibly unlikely that she is the seventh. Maybe Tgurneu thought by splitting the Braves up and sending them on a wild goose chase, he could kill a few them here or there, but I think that’s incredibly unlikely. Tgurneu only found out about the blade gem in Chamot’s stomach after Dozzu and Nachetanya came to him for help. Once he did, he wasted no time using it to try to kill her. I did suspect her at certain points, especially in the first volume when she just wanted to kill everyone. Her power is so bizarre and relies so heavily on the fiends themselves that it seems odd she could be a Saint, but I just can’t see her being the seventh.


Rolonia is a bit of a mystery. Obviously she wasn’t in the fog barrier, so we don’t know how she would’ve reacted to that situation. However, the fact of the matter is that she saved Hans, literally bringing him back from the dead. If Rolonia were the seventh, I think Tgurneu would’ve already known about Maura’s plan to kill and then revive a Brave as a way to clear her oath and save her daughter. And if so, I’m sure Tgurneu would’ve come up with something to counter it. It could’ve been just as simple as her pretending to fail at reviving the Brave, or it could’ve been something more sinister like poisoning their blood so that they would die later seemingly at random. I suppose the latter option is still on the table, but I find it a bit hard to believe that Tgurneu would’ve let that card slide when he already had the Braves on the ropes when Chamot was down. Combining the blade gem in Chamot with taking out Hans with some sort of poisoned blood would be a good one-two punch that likely would’ve turned the tide completely in Tgurneu’s favor.


As you can probably tell just by process of elimination, I suspect that Hans is the seventh Brave. I’m still not entirely convinced, but writing out my suspicions for every other Brave has helped me feel a bit more confident about the conclusion I came to near the end of the second volume. That said, there are still a few inconsistencies I want to try to address. The first is probably the easiest and the hardest at the same time: why didn’t he kill Adlet in the fog barrier? During that fight, he says something that I only just recently realized might be the most significant and damning evidence. “I kill people, but I don’t lie. Lying is wrong,” he says. Then, he tests Adlet’s reaction when he says, “I am the seventh Brave.” Because Hans spared him, Adlet probably just assumed that was part of the test. But Hans never goes to any lengths to clarify that he really isn’t the seventh. And thinking back, I don’t recall ever hearing him deny that he is the seventh when others accuse him of being the seventh. Tgurneu is an accomplished liar, so it seems weird that a seventh under his command would be someone who would take such a strong stance against lying, but it’s possible. As for why he didn’t kill Adlet, this is also fairly confusing, but I have two potential explanations. First, if he killed Adlet, one of the real six Braves, would that count as a kill for Tgurneu or for Dozzu in their 3 kills oath? It’s honestly hard to say, and it’s possible that Hans reasoned that the death came about due to Dozzu’s plot and therefore would’ve counted for Dozzu and against Tgurneu even though one of Tgurneu’s accomplices did the killing. Second, if he killed Adlet, it’s likely Hans could be the next suspected. Hans was very aggressive in questioning and pressuring Adlet, so it’s possible Hans would think that he might be suspected next if Adlet turned out to not be the seventh. He still could’ve passed the blame on to Fremy, but it might’ve backfired and led to him being even more heavily suspected. And since this was not Tgurneu’s plot, Hans may have wanted to simply avoid doing anything to draw suspicion and ruin Tgurneu’s plot of embedding a seventh Brave. Additionally, he might’ve wanted to crush the plot of Dozzu’s seventh more than he wanted to kill any real Braves, so he was willing to overlook an easy kill in order to mess up Dozzu’s plan.

In the second volume is where my suspicions were really starting to get aroused. While him fighting against Maura did seem suspicious, it was actually something that happened earlier, when Adlet, Rolonia, Goldov, and Hans were searching for clues where they first fought Tgurneu. When they were all searching for the fig thing Tgurneu ate, Hans seemed very uninterested. But to add to that, he just happened to sit down right on or near the very item they were looking for. I suspect he was trying to subtlely hide it from them. Unfortunately, Goldov managed to spot it and may have blown Hans’s cover at the same time. In the third volume, Hans didn’t really do all that much to raise my suspicions, but he didn’t do anything to clear them either.

Now I guess the only thing to do is keep reading to see if I’m right. There will likely be more twists along the way, but I’m still very excited to see where this goes. The post I linked in the intro shows that there are 5 volumes out, with a 6th due out in December. I don’t know if that’s the final one, but there’s still plenty more story before we get to the bottom of everything.



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